HLI is a state-of-the art analytical and development laboratory. We use advanced chromatographic techniques such as Liquid, Gas & Supercritical Fluid Chromatography for our analytical needs. We use advanced PSD techniques for particle size measurement.

HLI makes use of Spray Drying, Ultrasonication, Milling, Roller Blending and other compound manipulation techniques to achieve unique cannabinoid formulations.

For inhalation development, HLI has dedicated Fast Screening Impactor (FSI), DUSA and Next Generation Impactor (NGI) technologies available.


Hemplab Institute was founded on the wager that cannabinoid therapies will inevitably come to medical prominence. The successful transition from anecdotal use to mainstream market and regulatory adoption requires unshakable principles with regards to:

  1. Willingness to innovate and learn
  2. Transparency
  3. Understanding patient needs
  4. Regulatory exchange and discussion
  5. Sustainable horizon

At HLI we pride ourselves in providing a platform for both companies and people to succeed.


Provide best-in-class analytical and development services for innovation-driven cannabis companies.