HLI is the ideal technology partner for

innovation-driven cannabinoid companies

General Formulation

CBD tinctures, capsules, balms and droppers abound on the European market with little to distinguish between them. HLI can assist in customising your product to achieve a unique profile and obtain market recognition along with strong customer retention.


Nanotechnology is a key strategy for tackling the challenges in delivering cannabinoids efficiently to the body. Our expertise is available to create a nanoparticle profile capable of meeting your delivery targets.


DPI’s, SMI’s and PMDI’s are standard pharmaceutical devices delivering API directly to the lung tissues without any combustion or heat. HLI has deep experience in developing and evaluating pharmaceutical CBD inhalation formulations.


Our analytical expertise is deployed in measuring product stability according to the strictest regulatory requirements. This service is applied to all our product development services but can be used independently to complement your internal R&D.

Step-by-step process