Types of analyses performed

  1. Cannabinoids: THC/A CBD/A CBG/A CBN CBC CBDV THCV
  2. Heavy Metals: Up to 10 metals
  3. Pesticides: LC + GC 400+ pesticides
  4. Microbial: Aflatoxins, Ochratoxins, Salmonela, E.Coli, Mold & Yeast
  5. Residual Solvent: Up to 10 solvents
  6. Particle Sizing: Cannabinoid particle sizing & stability

How to send your samples as a first-time customer?

If you are a first-time customer at HLI please follow these simple steps when addressing your first order.

  1. Send an email to info@hemplabinstitute.com with the following information
    • Your contact details
    • Full company details (including VAT registration)
    • The number and type of samples to be analysed
    • The type of analyses desired for each sample
    • Specify which cannabinoids need to be quantified

2. If the details provided are complete, you will receive a quote within 24h

3. If the details provided are insufficient for a quote, you will be contacted by us within 24h to further discuss your needs


How long do I have to wait for results?

The maximum waiting time for analyses is 10 working days. Clients with recurrent needs should contact us directly to set-up a custom plan that can reduce lead-time for results down to 48h.

Sample types and how much sample quantity should I send?
Flower:                        3-10 gr
Oil / vape / extract:   1-10 ml
Isolate:                         0.5-1 gr
Capsule / tablet:       3-5 pcs

(the amounts given are for each sample and per analysis required.)

What is the cost of analyses?

The cost varies depending on volume and bundle desired. You will be contacted within 24h of your inquiry to discuss pricing.

How and where should I send my samples?

We recommend sending your samples with a dedicated courier service to ensure package traceability and fast delivery. Please make sure you package and label each sample appropriately to ensure content integrity and traceability of results. Send your samples to:

Hemplab Institute BV: Galilei laan 15, 2845, Niel, Belgium

How do you ensure the validity of your results?

We use validated analytical methodologies. This means that we have validated our method(s) in-house to meet international criteria of linearity, reproducibility, robustness and selectivity. In addition, we run calibration and quality control samples on a pre-determined, routine basis to ensure result accuracy.

How do you ensure traceability of samples?

HLI is working under a validated sample management software, generating a barcode and unique identifier per sample storing all information entered at sample registration. All our testing is pre-planned in a centralised calendar to ensure maximum knowledge of sample and resource availability.

Are you accredited?

HLI working towards an ISO 17025 accreditation.