Analytical services for cannabis products:

  • Cannabinoid Testing
  • Pesticide Screening
  • Heavy Metals Screening
  • Residual Solvents Screening
  • Microbial Testing
  • Particle Sizing

Product development is key in a rapidly developing cannabinoid-therapeutics market. HLI is your cannabinoid contract development partner, bridging together cost-efficiency with innovation in therapeutically-oriented cannabinoid products. Our laboratory and scientific team is actively engaged in cutting-edge research, with a view towards bringing new solutions to cannabinoid delivery, bio-availability and onset-time. Our expertise in analytics, inhalation, product stability, medical devices, nanotechnology and emulsions is the successful algorithm for your cannabis R&D vision.

Navigating a complex regulatory and technical environment represents a major challenge for cannabis ventures of all sizes. HLI has deep experience in regulatory, licensing and marketing authorisation of cannabis-related activities within a European setting. In particular, we understand how the uncertainties associated with cannabinoid market-statuses impact business, financing and recruitment considerations. Our team is equipped with the tools, expertise and know-how to assist you in your technical, regulatory business and product development endeavours.


Hemplab Institute (HLI) is a multidisciplinary cannabinoid centre of excellence, operating from the University of Antwerp Darwin Incubator. Our expertise ranges over molecular manipulation and quantification of cannabinoids with particular focus in analytical science and nanotechnology formulations. Established in 2016, HLI is a leading service-provider to the emerging European CBD and medical cannabis markets.

HLI is a member of the University of Antwerp Life Sciences Park and the European Respiratory Cluster Antwerp (EuReCa). HLI is partnered with Anthocan (UK) for inhalation development services and Cana Laboratories (GR) for GMP manufacturing and scale up.

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